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Article last updated: February 13, 2021

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself, and what are you working on?

Hey everyone, my name is Adel and I am someone who loves coding, playing video games and streaming. Recently after Covid started, I got really into building communities in the internet. I setup a discord server, made my own community Minecraft server and try every social media platform possible. I wanted to create a blog where I interview people who have very similar interests such as me whether in comes to making games, building communities, or just playing a lot of games.

How did you get the idea for GGTime and how did you get started?

GGTime originally started as a discord server where I have built a small community of streamers and I set up a Minecraft server for us to all play as a community and have fun. I always wanted to create an online blog and I was currently really into the streaming, content creating and gaming niche and so I decided to build this.

How did you promote your community?

I originally reached out to small time streamers who I saw online on Twitch to see if they would be interested in joining a discord community of other streamers looking to grow and have fun together.

What's technologies and tools did you use to build your game? How did you manage to learn how to use all these?

I coded the whole website myself using VueJs. I have been coding since I was 13 and I am also currently studying Computer Science in University.

What are your goals for the future?

To grow an amazing community of content creators, artists, gamers and developers who inspire each other.


Adel - Guy who made this